dSquared Designs’ Creed:

We believe that our customers are an extension of our family.  As such, they should be treated with care, dignity and love.  We are committed to not just selling them a product…but also in establishing a relationship where they have complete confidence in us to do the right thing.  The result will be that both, customer and company feel they have received adequate value.  Our efforts will be to produce the best quality product we are capable of ….exerting the same effort for you that we would for those closest to us.

So… Welcome to the family!…

d-Squared Designs is a destination photography, graphic design, and image editing/production company located in Southeast, MO but travels the world!

Contact Jim @ 573.999.3876 or Casey @ 573.864.6935 to discuss your project needs, wants, or desires.  We’re eager to discuss the opportunty.


One Response to About

  1. John says:

    Hey, ran across your website and found some of your work very creative. I work for a small (350 employee) business and we have several projects we could use your help on. Photography and design effort is definately needed. Please contact me at the email I listed. Thank you!!

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