2012 Senior Reps!

Use this link to access our senior rep application: Click here to apply NOW!

Are you ready for it. . . yep, it’s true, we are now taking applications for our 2012 senior reps! Crazy to think about 2012 already, right? Well, if you’re curious or are ready to be a rep for d-Squared read the info below!

A few questions you may have:

What is a Senior Rep?

A Senior Rep (rep stands for representative!) is a current high school junior, who will be graduating in 2012, that is going to help promote d-Squared Designs to all their friends and classmates.  Our hope is that once your friends see what we can do – they are going to come to us for their pictures!  Only three students from each Columbia, MO high school will be selected to be senior reps for d-Squared Designs.

What are the advantages of being a d-Squared Senior Rep?

Thanks for asking! Here is what we are offering our 2011 Senior Reps:

  • One free photo session that will last no longer than two hours (including travel time).  Bring as many changes of clothes as you like.
  • One DVD containing a web version of the BEST photos from your shoot.  You can post these on MySpace or FaceBook.  They will be stamped with our logo.
  • Two 8×10 photos.
  • Photographs featured on our website, FaceBook page and blog.
  • 25-50 Senior Rep cards (business card size) with your picture on it – and our contact information.  This is what you will pass out to your friends when they say, “I LOVE your photos – who took them?” Each senior that comes in with one of your cards receives free wallets!  Each card of yours that is brought in also gets YOU a discount on future purchases.

And what about the rules?

  • We will need your parent’s permission.
  • You will also need to sign a model release so that we can use your picture in advertising.
  • You will pinky swear to promote us, and ONLY us, positively and all of the awesomeness that we are.  You can’t be a rep for us if you are a rep for another studio.
  • You must be a senior graduating in 2012.

What do I need to do to become a Senior Rep?

  • Just fill out the application below – and if you’ve made the cut, we will contact you!

How does d-Squared choose their Senior Reps?

It depends on what students we believe will whole-heartedly represent d-Squared. Please don’t be upset if you’re not chosen.  It’s nothing personal – we still love you!

So what are you waiting for?  Fill out the application below.  Be sure to have a picture of yourself on your computer!

Use this link to access our senior rep application: Click here to apply NOW!

Please only submit  if you are serious about being a senior rep.

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