Seever Wedding

July 10, 2010 will go down in memory and in history…at least for a few hundred people in Central Missouri.  It was the day in history that Kyla Turner and Ryan Seever chose to exchange wedding vows and publically proclaim their love and committment to each other.  It was also a day that we, at d-Squared designs will have many memories of for sometime to come.  We knew from the engagement photo session with Ryan and Kyla that their wedding day would be entertaining and provide ample opportunities for some great shots.

Well, we certainly weren’t disappointed.  A wedding held in the vineyards overlooking the Missouri River provided some spectacular shots with enough variety to keep both photographers happy and eager to keep shooting.  Kyla and Ryan’s wedding was a great time and we’re anxious to work our way through all the images of the entire day.  Here are a few of the pictures to whet your appetite and don’t forget to check back for other shots.

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